_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Universal Studios Orlando Resort, Jurasik Park River Adventure

After left King Kong adventure Mike wanted go to Jurasik Park River Adventure. I looked to the place and I saw a boat descending to the water. Seems fine - I thought - so let's go!

We wait in line to board the boat, we were in the front seats what I think was really nice to can see everything!
The board started to move slowly on the water, through the vegetation of the jungle... everything was so quiet.


We arrived to the gates wich were opened and the boat went into the Raptor Containment Area.

Then the alarm started to sound and we went into the laboratory.

The rails wich move the boat, ascended into the darkness moving towards a big dinosaur... then the boat stopped and after few seconds it precipitated by a 85-foot plunge. It's took few seconds but for me was long minutes! I was like OMG PLS SOMEONE STOP IT!
Mike was laughing but I needed a minute to laugh about it. We ended up soaked lol.
They take pics of every boat when it jump down in the water. Mike ask me if I want see our pic but I ran away from there, I didn't want he sees my face of horror lol shame.gif
Tags: florida, holidays, michael, orlando, universal studios
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