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I did nothing all the weekend, just sleep and watching series. Body hurts, the articulations... fingers, knees, feet... I don't know why. I feel like depressed, I wonder if this can be because dehydration.. I drank so much coffee last days but the last 2 days I forgot drink water. Maybe it's because the weather.. it's so hot. Maybe because it's December, and Mike will not be with me. Maybe because all the stress I had last weeks. Whatever... I don't like feeling like this.

American Horror Story: this serie is like Meh but for some reason I wacthed season 1 and started to watch season 2. I also found some errors in this serie. Prolly i watched it because there is not a messaged or something that will put ur brain to think. It is not so twisted, it's not so terrifying, something to kill the time.

Sherlock: watched just episode 1 so far, it's like a modern Sherlock Holmes and it remember to me Dr. House, because that character was based in Sherlock. Isn't bad, I love the adventures of Sherlock so I think I will like this serie.
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