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Mike got the gift for xmas! Just_Cuz_13.gif When he got home he told me "baby, I got a present!!!" I'm very happy because delivery from eBay sent it very fast and shipping was free!!!. Conversely I will not get my box until 2 or 3 months because Customs here works sooooo sloooowly 97.gif and when they give me the box that Mike sent to me I have to pay taxes... it will be like 60 usd or more (50% of the total price). They give a shit if this is a gift that someone send to me, but Mike was so excited about getting make up for me that I don't care if I have to pay taxes for it. He really did it with love and every day he asks to me if I got my box. Mike spoil me so much and I love it happy0196.gif

I got a coffeemaker to make the coffee I bought in Florida. It is a basic coffeemaker but enought for me. coffeebath.gif

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