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I had a lot of weirs dreams.. I also woke up after every dream.
I remember just 2. One dream.. I was chatting with Mike then he sent to me a screenshot of the game. In the screen I saw he was in party with someone, low lvl toons, but I could see his phone gallery in the background. In his phone there was 3 pics of a girl who wore shorts. She took the pics to show to Mike her shorts, but not just from front , she showed from back also, to Mike can see her butt. And it was if Mike didn't realize that in the background I could see those pics. I asked him what he did last night, and he told me he was playing with this girl, she was lvling a low lvl toon then she invite him to joined her. In the pic I could see her nickname and her status, she was from my country so I said to Mike "good... you can meet her when you coming here to see me.... Ahora puedes tener hijos con ella, maldito desgraciado" Then I woke up 291.gif
After fall asleep again I started to dream... I was in some house to see a Dr. My grandma was there, alive... I dont know why... seems she was cooking or something. The Dr. was standing behind me then he put both hands in my boobs, and he touched it very softly. I think in my dream I already had silicones breast implant... so he was touching my boobs to check the implants and he told me I dont need do nothing, they are perfect... I feel excited when he did it but he was not excited, he was very professional. Then I went back to the sala of the house. On the wall, someone projected a movie... I know who.. it was 'the fake woman', but she was not in the sala... she was in her room. I left the house as fast as I could. I don't remember nothing else about this dream.
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