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Last days I've been busy at work. I got another business that ex sales manager and seller do to steal money. I didn't talk to my boss about this yet, I will wait after holidays to let her have a break. I'm going to need a break too, god, I'm stressed as hell for all this situation and another personal issues. And the bad thing is if I take my pills to relax it makes me fall asleep and be late to work... if I don't take it I can't sleep and the stress make me depressed. 128fs4765852.gif I think if I start workout again it will help me to take the stress away.
I got my bonus and my commissions, so I could buy whatever I wanted to give away for Christmas. Martu will get a electronic keyboard wich I'm sure she will love. To Flor, a new computer bbg.jpg Mom is the harder person to buy something because she has everything and more, and in her last vacations in Dubai she bought a lot of things.. iPhone7, perfums, clothes, shoes, etc. But 2 days ago she said she's bored at weekend house because no internet there and she doesn't have any book to read, then I take her to the bookshop and I made her to choose some books. She was happy with this idea.
I want to use Martu's keyboard to learn to play lol

Next week I'll get things for me. I don't like doing shopping on Christmas week because a lot of people in the stores and the street
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