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Bikini Body Guide round 2

 After 1 month being lazy ass I started my workout again on Monday. The first week is the easier but it was a little hard for me because weather and because this pain I'm feeling since 1 month..
I'm really worried about this. The joints of hand hurt all day long every day. Sometimes joints of the foot hurt a little, and I don't know why but it can't be good. They don't swell this is the weird thing about this, just hurt. I though it was because muscles contracture because I feel pain on my arms, neck and back, then maybe it makes hand hurts also? Could be this pain because sleeping in bad position over my arms???? I don't know.
Today I stretched my muscles hoping to pain goes away but stretch makes it worse. I read a little about this kind of pain on internet but of course it's never a good idea, I found arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. But I thought those are diseases wich old people get. Seems I'm wrong. I'm so worried. I have appointment to see a Dr. in 2 days, I'm young to this kind of issues! 
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