_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

More shopping therapy xD

Two days ago I spoke Flor. Of course she said she has all under control  I think she lies herself and to be honest I'm very disappointed. She doesn't regreat and she doesn't learn nothing from her mistakes. But what can I do? I gave her my opinion and advice, I offered her my help and I tried to don't judge her. So far this is the only I can do I guess 

Althought the pain on arms/hands I keep doing workout and fighting to don't feel depressed. Today doctor did an electromyogram after 2 hours waiting.... it was very uncomfortable!!!! they sent electricity on my elbows and wrist to see how my nerves and muscles are working.  I'm pissed about my doctor, I feel he's a little stupid. He sent  me a topical medication for the pain on my hands but... after put medication on it say I have to was my hands cuz the drug... this obviously isn't for hands whatever

Since I feel a little depressed because all the stress and issues, and since I need some comfortables shoes to wear everyday I went shopping today.... I got 4 pair of shoes  Mike helped me to chose and here they are

Tags: family, health, shoes, shopping
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