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 After exercise on the bike I fell asleep. O had a dream full of randoms things. I was in a place where sometimes was a place to learn, like a school or institute, and sometimes it was a place for work. I was with a little girl. I went to the first floor, prolly to take a class but the first floor was unstable, it moves to side to side. I thought "fuck it" and left the class, then I started to look for the little girl. She was barefoot... there were a lot of shoes but I couldn't find her shoes. While I was going to the other side of the building, a boy who was doing his makeup while a girl was taking pics of him, came to me and he made up my eyes. I went into a room, it was an office. My coworker, ex sales manager, was there talking on phone. A woman came in and asked for change. I gave her few coins. It was time to leave work, 6.15pm. I saw a girl who was sitting on the lap of an almost naked man. Took me few seconds to understand that the man was nebulized her. I open a refri to check if the things I had there was fine to the girl eat, but nope... all were ruined. When I left, another girl doing make up did my eyes but this time she used yellow and green color... and the eyeshadow was like a cream... it was horrible and she did awful job. Thanks God I woke up.

I had fan on because it's hot today... 82º. But my body goes so slow and dead when I lay/sleep that I'm cold. I wish to be normal 
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