Vacations Day 4 : Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach, Tampa
Clearwater Beach, Tampa

August 19th. (Yes, I'm so behind with vacation memories)

We woke up before noon again. I remember last vacations we slept so much but this year we are doing very well. We decided to go to the beach, and I chose my favarite one: Clearwater, Tampa. It's a 2:30 hours trip but it worths. 

The red tide this year drops a lot of red algae in many Florida beach, and Clearwater is one of those, as you can see in the picture. It was a little annoying but the water was so warm that we spent long time inside. At some point I was feeling a little uncomfortable because Michael was looking nonstop to the beach and I didn't know why. Well, he said he was checking noone take our stuff but he forgot to tell me that he had more than $700 in his wallet. Later, when he explained that to me, it made sense. For 4 hours we swim, sunbathe and read then it was time to go back to Orlando. 

We were in our way to Kissimmee when we stopped at the red light and we saw 2 very big birds crossing the street on the crosswalk! It was so funny, like if they know  when to cross not to be hitted by a car. They made very weird sound. 

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I was so excited about Spring, I am tired of cold and rainy weather. I need sunny and warm days, but nope. It was very hot on Monday, then on Tuesday it was raining, freezing, and bloody cold. Today it's still cold and cloudy... oh well, I need to move to Florida, the perfect weather for me!

Weekend achievements

I had hard time waking up on Saturday. I worked from home until 1 pm then I tidied up the house. I didn't feel like doing that, I was so tired and I had period cramps but oh well, someone has to do it.  I put the clothes to wash then I went to the balcony to water my cacti, when I entered again all the sockets in the kitchen and bedroom were dead. Oh damn it...

I opened all the sockets and checked the wires looking for any wire burned, everything looked fine. So I called dad and asked him if he had any idea what could be happening. We guessed it could be the breakers. I had to plug the fridge to an extension cord and plug it to the socket in the bathroom. 

Probably because my recent job promotion, and despite the cramps, I was in very high spirit, so I sit at the computer to study programming. I had 3 lessons to study and 3 test to do, but I wanted to go back and studied from the start.
I studied until 3:30 am then I was ready for bed, but I could not help.... I had to do at least 1 test before sleep, so that is what I did, and I did it perfect. Finally I went to bed at 5 am and I fell asleep at 6. 

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This week I passed 3 tests: Managment, Law and Contemporary social issues. On Monday I have Economy test.

I need catch up with programming and also with English. Michael offered me help with those 2.



Many things have happened the last week, so probably today I'll write more than 1 entry here. The topic of this one is work. One of the girls who works in the company, the one who's very dramatic, got sick and had to skip work few days. After she cames back she told boss that she was going to quit work because is not good for the company if someone get sicks and can't work for some days, and that she needs take care of herself, blablabla.... this is the second time she tries to fires herself, what's wrong with this woman? Boss had to talk to her more like mother to kid than boss to employee, she basically told her to stop fucking around, think what she wants to do and act like an adult, but ofc not with those words :D For now she will continue working with us, but we never know...

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Vacations: Day 3 - Pool day

I woke up around 11 am, before than Michael. I let him sleep a couple of more hours because last night we fell asleep so late. I got up, I made coffee then I sit down to do university homework. It was some study case of civil legislation and took me a while to read the laws, analyze it and write down the conclutions. 

When I finished it, Mike got up and we got ready to go to the pool. It was sunny and hot. We lay in the sunbathing chairs to read until our skin was too hot, then we went to the water. This time, there were some people around, and a lot of little cute lizards. We spend some hours in the pool then in the hot tub. 

Back to the room, we had shower, we ate BWW leftovers and we went to bed to watch hour shows. It was a peaceful and relaxing day.


The Hot Zone

Holly shit, this book is horribly great, and it's nonfiction which makes it more scary but fascinating. The book is about the true story of the Ebola virus. All the events described are true. You can even check it on internet. The story is so dramatic and so well described that you can understand, imagine and also have the feeling of how this lethal virus works inside a host, and how it would feels if you break with Ebola.

This book got me hooked. The virus is so frightening and lethal, and there is not any vaccine or drug 100% effective for it yet, just 1 experimental vaccine. There are 5 different Ebola viruses, and noone knows where they hide. The fatality rate is from 25% to 90%. 

There are many deadly viruses and I have learned that we had one very dangerous here, called Junin virus which is a hemorrhagic fever. No cases have been reported since 2008 though. 

If you think about those viruses and how they work in the human body and how fast some of them could spray and kill a large number of people, you can think that the human race is threatened.... or you can think that the earth is threatened by a virus called "humans" and it's only trying to get ride of that lethal virus.