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I am so exhausted with all the drama that's going on that I couldn't even read friend journals last week. I am not even journaling on my bullet journal.... sad.

I could not be a Minion

When you want to eat some bananas but you feel sorry for their faces


I'm feeling so high

I am not sure if this is the way that these pills work or my body is so sensible to everything that the pills hit me badly. No, I am not talking about any ilegal drug.
This is about melatonin, that stupid hormone that regulates sleep which my doctor prescribed me since I can't take any other pill (like alplazolan or clonazepam). So melatonin supossed to start working after 15 days that you are taking it but I could feel the effect from the first day.

20-25 minutes after taking the pill I start to feel very VERY dizzy, my legs get weak and I get tired to the point that I can't stand. I researched on internet for the side effects to see if the diziness is normal but there is nothing about it. The only side effect this pill has, is feeling tired during the day which I already can feel.

Anyway I am finally sleeping more then 5 hours but still waking up so much. This is harder than before to get up at morning, not sure if this is because the pill, or because at 6 am my heart rate is usually 46.

I wonder this pill will really fix my sleeping or just knock me down when I take it.


Welcome to Argenzuela

Today I got a new nationality. Argentina is going to be the new Venezuela, thanks to all our politicians. In two weeks the dollars price raised from 28 to 40. Oh well, it was good using cash and paying just few things with my credit card when I went to Florida. The bill with credit card is $313... it could be worse. Every day things are more and more expensive. And even if dollar stop raising its price, things in this country will continue being bad. 

Of course this is not the first crisis that this country has, we had worse crisis and we had survived, but this time is so hard to stay positive. Maybe because I am tired to work harder only to survive. Maybe because I am tired to have 2 or more works to can save some money for vacations. Maybe I am just tired to fight against everything....

You are comming again - August 14th :(

Finally the day came to return home, to go away from who I love, to go back to the routine of work and responsibilities. I think I wont ever get used to this day, and seems Michael either. 

We got up at noon undecided to go to the pool or not. While deciding I started to pack my things. That took forever. Michael was right, I bought so many things so I had problems distributing luggage evenly because one suitcase is smaller than the other. Michael packed his things as well and helped me with my mission Impossible.

To the fact that they were going to charge me $100-$200 for overweight I decided to buy a bag to carry with me then I could do lighter the suitcase which was heavy. So we left the room, we went to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee then we went to Walmart to buy a bag. I saved at least $75 in this way. When all my stuff was packed Michael asked me to go to Nike store to buy clothes as I always do but I didn't want to add more weight to my luggage so we stayed in the room watching TV, curled up in the couch until 6 pm.

We didn't want to go to the airport 3 hours early, because the endless waiting make this moment hurts more, more sad. It took longer that we expect to get the airport because Michael got lose in the freeway trying to get the right entrance to the parking lot, that stress us a little but at the end it was better. Went we got there, I dropped off my luggage then we walked to the Customs zone. 

I had 25-30 minutes before left Michael and walk to the gate. We didn't talk so much, we were holding hard our tears. Michael was saying Please don't cry but I could not help and I did making him instantly to cry too. This always happens to us! When it was time to go, he told me "Don't be sad, you are comming again". 

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Sick and sad - Monday 13th August

It was supposed that we were going to wake up early and go to some park... we failed again. I got cold because the damned air conditioner althought it's always in 77 degrees. Mike turned it off yesterday but was too late, I'm feeling sick: stuffed nose, sneezing nonstop and feeling tired. I drew another Vegeta for Mike while watching TV in the bed. 

When we got up we went to the pool, it was so hot and sunny. We swim, sunbathe and read. The book is getting so interesting. Suddenly a storm was brewing. The wind began to blow dragging the chairs into the pool. We decided to go back to the room, I had not interest on being hitted by a chair. An Irish man who saw us leaving, asked if our watchs were Fitbit. He asked us to loan him our charger because his charger can't be plugged in the US power sockets so we all went upstair to our room and he took one of our charges with him to his room.  We changed our clothes and waited for him to come back. 

Finally it doesn't rain and the storm disappear but we didn't go back to the pool. We went to Michaels to buy some markers which my mother and Martu want. I checked in their website which store had stock and it showed a store 30 minutes away from us so we drove up there. When we got the store, they could not find the markers althought they system showed stock avaible. The shop assistant looked for the markers everywhere but she could not find any so she called another store telling them we were going to pick up 2 boxes of those markers. Before to go to the other store I bought more things for journaling: washi tapes, ink stamp, notebooks. Also Mike got some notebooks for him :)
When we got the other store they had just 1 box of the markers....they could not find the second box. Mike was very pissed off with them but well... at least we got 1. 

Back to the hotel I painted the Vegeta that I drew yesterday, Mike is very happy with his vegetas :) 

It was going to be a very hard and sad night, the last night together, so I did my best not to cry or get depressed. Anyways I know tomorrow I'll cry. 

Vegeta draw

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We got up at noon and got ready to go to the beach. This time we went to Cocoa Beach. The weather forecast showed rain but they were so wrong!. It was sunny and very hot. Before to get the beach we went to buy our favorite coffee to Dunkin' Donuts but the guy who took our order was messing all the orders up, so instead of Hot Caramel Macchiato we got a normal Capuccino.... annoying.

We got the beach and we got into the water. The water was more warm and clear than in Clearwater which is nice. We played for a while (yes we don't swin, we play) then we left the water and sunbathed. We're competing to see who gets more tan, so far Mike is winning because he was already tan before vacations!. I read while he slept a little. It was so hot that we got into the water again for a long time. I's so good that Mike enjoys the beach so much because I love it.

In the evening we went to Jon Ron store to see what new clothes they have. I tried on some bikinis but I didn't like how I look on them. Not big deal, the one that I'm using I bought there 1 year ago so it's still fine. I bought a warm blue light hoodie which I like so much and a shirt for Mike. We looked for little clothes for his nephew which is 2 or 3 months old and for shirts to his sister and her husband. Mike wanted to match the clothes for them all, but the clothes for the baby doesn't match with anything else in the store. We spend  at least 1 hour shopping and this time was not because me!!! :D

Back to the hotel Mike cooked again that delicious meat on the grill. We wayched TV until fall asleep and I had bad dreams again. Mike had to wake me up because I was grunting and moving on dreams. It was about a little girl who was holding a white long-legged spider and she was trying to rub it on my face... horror!!!  

More photos after cut

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Lazy day - Saturday 11th August

Today we were soooo lazy. I woke up at noon and did almost nothing. We wanted to decided a park to go on Monday but we still don't choose anyone. Mike was in the bed almost all day long alternating moments of sleep and watching tv. I think it was ok to let him rest. I wanted to write in the bullet journal but instead I wrote down in my cellphone all what we did last days. 

In the afternoon I left the bed and tried the makeup that Mike gave me. I was not sure how to use those shiny colors so I had to watch a tutorial on Youtube lol. At first I thought I was doing terrible but I kept going since I had nothing to lose. I'm satisfied with the result, it could we worse! Mike says it looks good.
Because I did so good makeup I put on a nice black dress, high heels, parfume and I forced Mike to leave the bed. He asked me where I wanted to go... I don't know! I hardly ever go out at night. I don't usualy drink, I don't like going to restaurantes since I worked in one for years and years, cinema was not an option because it won't have subtittles, so I had not plans at all, I just wanted to leave the room for a while not to be all day long there, so we went to DD for coffee then to Barnes&Noble to buy more journals to write ♥

I got myself the famous Leuchtturm1917 to see why everybody loves it but in my opinion the quality of the paper is not according to the price.. $20 for tiny paper pages. I found 2 more bullet journals with soft cover and better paper for 7$ each!

We ate the leftovers of BWW and watched Dragon Ball in the bed. Because I love the face of Goku kid, Mike took pencil and paper and he drew one for me. I fall in love to those details! Every thing he says, he does or he makes for me is a treasure which makes me very happy :)

More photos...

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We are failing to wake up early and make plans  ahead but I think this is ok. We both are always very tired and stressed with work and other issues that I don't really want to spend my vacations waking up early and rushing there and here to do 87364575 activities. I won't enjoy that at all and I'm pretty sure that Michael either.
So we woke up at noon, took shower then we decided to go to our favorite beach: Clearwater.

Clearwater is located in Tampa, less than 2 hours away from us by car. It rained a little while we were driving and I was about to fall asleep which is weird, but probably this means that I am relaxed. When we got to the beach there were some clouds in the sky but luckily it was not going to rain. We chose an spot to leave our things and we got into the water. I was afraid that water will be cold, like last time, but nope, it was very warm, a little turbid and with some algae (probably because of the red tide wich is affecting some Florida beachs). It was windy but the waves were not strong. We stayed for a couple of hours in the water joking and playing as usual,  I never get bored with Mike! Afther that we lie on the sand to sunbathe and read.

Later we left our things in the car then we went for a walk. We watched a street show "Dallas the fire guy" and his son "Nicktorious" who is an escape expert. The guy was bound with a straitjacket and tied with chains and padlocks. This took to him less than 3 minutes to escape. After the show we went to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, then to Ron Jon store, but the store at Clearwater is very small compared to Cocoa store so we left soon. 

It was 8 pm so we went back to the car and drove to Kissimmee. Mike wanted to have dinner out so we drove around the city looking for any place we could like to finally go to our favorite restaurant... ya! Buffalo Wild Wings :D
Michael ordered a drink for me called Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea which has Bacardi, Smirnoff, beefeater, sauza gold, Cointreau, lemon and a splash of Pepsi... Delicious! I can't not taste the alcohol. I should ordered a second one. I had boneless wings with honey bbq and french fries with cheedar and bacon. Of course we could not eat all the food :)

Back to the hotel I was not feeling great, I had cramps in my stomach and in the leg I don't know why. Mike filled the bathtub, throw the bath bomb inside and turn on the hydro massage. It was soooo relaxing. When I felt better we went to the bed to watch TV. 

Clearwater Beach

Tons of photos after cut

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Thursday 9th August - More shopping

It seems like I started to relax and my mind is realizing that I am on vacations. I slept some better and today I woke up at 11 am, at least not so early! Mike was still sleeping of course so I stayed quiet writing on my journal. When he woke up we decided to go to the pool. Weather was sunny and hot so we were a long time in the water joking and carrying each other like the two kids that we are :D

When we had enough we lie on the deck chairs to sunbathe and to read our book which is very interesting. This idea that Mike had a time ago of reading books together is enjoyable. We usualy discuss the plot and we try to guess what will happen. This is the 3rd book we read together and two more books are in the waiting list. 

I got angry with myself because I dropped my new Swell bottle, which rolled on the cement floor getting few scratches.... damn my clumsiness! Mike told me to buy another one and not to worry about this, but I don't want to get another, this is the one he gave me and this is the one I want to have for long time. 

Around 5 pm dark clouds covered the sun and in the sky there were lightning, so we went back to the room to get shower and change clothes. I did my nails with that lovely blue nailpolish color that I bought in Ulta. Michael took me to Kohl's to buy clothes. I love the clothes of Jenifer Lopez but they are expensive now for me. First time I came to USA exchange rate was 16:1, 18 months later the exchange rate is 31:1 so I was a little upset about how stupid and fucked up my country is but I found the clearance corner and I got a lot of dresses, shirts and even some hoodie very cheap. So good Mike was entertaining himself playing fantasy football or something else in his cellphone because I spent 1 hour trying clothes on and I ended up with the bag full of them.

Mike is telling me that I have so much things to bring back to my country but I am pretty sure that I am fine and hey, they gave me a $30 dollars coupon so next week I am comming back! We left Kohl's when they were closing the store, then we went to Walmart where I found a paper trimmer which I think will be useful for journaling! Mike was in beauty plan, he bought a bath bomb and some facial masks so I guess we are going to have a relaxing time soon. 

Back to the hotel we ate pizza and we watched our shows in the bed :)

Pool time!

More photos...

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Wednesday 8 August - Shopping day

I woke up at 6 am... I don't know what is wrong with me but I can't still rest. It was too early to get up so I stayed in the bed and fell asleep again until noon. Mike is so bad to leave the bed. He'll wake up then hug me and fall asleep again, then wake up, turn TV on, make me lay on his chest and fall asleep again. I'm not complaining, I love feeling him next to me.

We got up and we played few games of magic cards then around 4 pm we left the hotel to go shopping making a stop at Dunkin Donuts to buy frozen large caramel coffee. Soooo delicius! We went to Target to buy clothes for Martu. I got a Harry Potter cup and shirt for my niece also and some makeup brushes for my sister. I didn't find nothing nice for journaling. 

Afther that we went to Michaels. OMG it's the paradise!!!! I wanted to buy all the stuff they have lol. They were selling the Tombow brush pen set for only $17 so I got 2 sets. The Copic Ciao markers set 6 pcs was expensive $36 but Michael had a discount coupon which I used to pay them so it cost me $18. I also bought stencils, stamps, inks.. I spent more than $100 D:

Across from the Michaels was Ulta so I told Mike to do a fast trip there to get some gifts for Flor and my sister. I was thinking to spend there not more than 10-15 minutes since I have enough makeup and I didn't need anything for myself from there.... well I walked to the nailpolish isle with the idea to buy few Sinful Colors nailpolish which are cheap, but it seems they don'y sell this brand anymore. Anyways I saw a beautiful shiny amazing blue color nailpolish which cost $10... expensive for a nailpolish I know but if there is a beautiful blue color I need to have it... trust me, I really NEED that! I also saw a beautiful shiny liquid lipstick and got myself blue and purple one, which I am not sure when I will use them because they are like for going to a night party.  The fast trip to Ulta ended up being a 2 hours walk inside the store with Michael following me (not to lose our steps challenge) where I had really hard time trying to pick makeup for Flor and my sister. It sucked so much but at least they liked it. I made myself upset and tired. Mike was joking but he didn't get mad, is not he lovely? 

We drove to Old Town and we bought pizza in Flippers Pizzeria: triple pepperoni, hawaiian and a delicious toscana cheese bread which has garlic butter, provolone, romano, asiago, fresh basil, oregano and pizza sauce. We went to the hotel and we ate on the bed watching our shows :D

Sugar overdose

Photos after cut

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Today I woke up at 9 am because my belly hurt. I had not hangover nor headache. Michael woke up at noon. I had some family drama on whatassap then whe decided going to swim to Silver Glen Springs, the place that shampoo_neko02 recommended me to visit (Thanks a lot for that ♥).

We drove for 2 hours to get the lake... well maybe less but I got hungry and I needed to go to the restroom so we stopped at the services station. We were not sure if we were going to the right direction. I knew that we should go to the hole place but not to some other but I could not remember exactly where place it was and at some point we had not signal on our cellphones. Finally we arrived to the recreation area. I felt it was the place we should not go but I didn't see another way.

The place is beautiful. The water is very cristalline but cold (too cold for me!) and the lake bottom has some sea shells which make it a little hard when you enter to the water. We stayed for a while inside the lake taking photos under the water but we didn't swim, it was really cold and everybody was complaining about, lol. I took the photos with the  Nikon camera and the waterproof case, I was afraid to use the iPhone with its new case. 

After that we went for a walk around. We went through a forest of cedar, pines and oak trees, first following a squirrel which ran away after few meters. We walked for 30 minutes aprox until the bugs started to bite Mike :D The adventage of not having so much blood in my body is that bugs don't bite me! At the end of the trail there were an awful and big spider hanging from its web. We were not going to walk under it, thanks! so we had to take another trail to go back to the recreation area. 

There are some animals who live around the lake, like bears, manatees, aligators, bald eagles, birds, etc. After our walk we sit on the grass and Mike feeded some of those big birds while I took photos. Somehow I managed to sit on my Rayban sunglasses those which Mike gave me 1 year ago, which didn't get broken but crooked.... GRRRRRR. I could fix them but I am very angry at myself for being so clumsy. 

Around 6 in the afternoon when people started to leave the place we put our things in the car and we came back to the hotel. We ate more BWW chicken, watched Dragon Ball then we fell asleep. 

Silver Glen Springs

More photos and video...

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Monday 6th August - Getting drunk

(Yes I forgot to write about this day)

Today I woke up and I gave massages to Mike. I love feeling his skin and body and he definitely loves when I do it. After that we went to the bath, then had lunch and we played cards. We decided to go to Barnes & Noble to get books to read together. 

We chose two mystery and fiction books: "City of endless night" by Preston&Child, and "A stranger in the house" by Shari Lapena. I bought myselft "Inferno" by Dan Brown because Mike has the book and we will read it at some point so I want to have the paper book version (and it was cheap, only $9.99). On a table there were some Special Edition books, with leather hardcover and gold trim pages. They had Complete Sherlock Holmes and I could not help... I had to have it. It cost only $25 so I didn't think twice about buying this book. 

After that we went to Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets and went to some stores but to be honest we didn't see anything that we wanted to buy. I didn't like the clothes they were selling and I hate crowed places, so we went back to the hotel.

Mike cooked a delicious meat on the grill and some sausages. We had dinner around 7.30 then Mike filled his Swell bottle with the vodka drink and we went to the pool. Although it was night the water was warm, I love it. Mike was trying to make me drunk and we had a lot of fun. I never got drunk before because I hardly ever drink so it was easy work for Mike. I was not ruined, I was able to walk without fall or make us ashame. We can say that I was "happy and a little dizzy". And of course I said more silly things than usual but I made Mike laugh a lot. 

Taking advantage of that I was drunk, Mike tested my iPhone under the water and made me a little nervous. He has the same case than me but he never tried with his cellphone. The case is really sealed and waterproof! Just a little messy when I put the phone under the water because the preassure on the screen makes the camera turn from back to frontal.
We went to the hot tub and keep drinking. The hot water makes me a little more dizzy but I was still a decent woman lol. There were a guy with two girls and Michael shared our drink with him. He is always social and nice to people around, I like his behavior.

Around 11 pm we went back to our room, changes clothes and we went to Walmart to buy more Mtn Dew and I bought some nailpolish. Back to the hotel Mike did dishes while I was still under the effect of the alcohol. We watched another episode of Dragon Ball then we fell asleep. 

Kiss time! ♥ ♥ ♥

More photos...

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Sunday August 5th - Pool day

Again I slept less than 7 hours. We woke up at noon, had lunch then we played few game cards while deciding what to do today. Suddenly it was raining, something normal in Florida so when the rain stopped we decided to go to the pool. The weather was warm, and while we were there it rained for a while, but it was not necessary to leave the pool. 

Next to the pool was a hot tub, the spa. We went in and stayed there for long, it was so relaxing! Next to us were a woman with her daughter. She was making the kid to take photos of her while she made sexy pose. It was hard not to laugh but we made it! I don't care what everybody does with their life but it makes me feel uncomfortable to see a girl taking sexy photos of her mother to get some likes in social networks. Whatever, not my business.

At 7pm we went back to the room, we took a shower then we went to the store to buy some alcohol. Mike got Vodka to make a super drink he wants I try, and I got Baileys. We also went to Walmart to buy more things, then we went to our favorite place to buy food: Buffalo Wild Wings. After picking our order we went back to the hotel and Mike made the drink. It has Vodka (I chose Mango-pineapple vodka), MTN Dew soda and Kool-Aid lemonade drink mix. He mixed it and put in the fridge. He got 2 bottles of beer and put lime inside then we sat to eat and watch a TV show called "Something's killing me".

After dinner I had to try that drink Michael did, it's delicious! I can not taste the vodka, just a little time to time. We were so fat and tired that we went to sleep. Finally I got some rest. I could sleep 7 hours without wake up, probably because the alcohol.

Vacation Village at Parkway

More photos

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