This week I passed 3 tests: Managment, Law and Contemporary social issues. On Monday I have Economy test.

I need catch up with programming and also with English. Michael offered me help with those 2.



Many things have happened the last week, so probably today I'll write more than 1 entry here. The topic of this one is work. One of the girls who works in the company, the one who's very dramatic, got sick and had to skip work few days. After she cames back she told boss that she was going to quit work because is not good for the company if someone get sicks and can't work for some days, and that she needs take care of herself, blablabla.... this is the second time she tries to fires herself, what's wrong with this woman? Boss had to talk to her more like mother to kid than boss to employee, she basically told her to stop fucking around, think what she wants to do and act like an adult, but ofc not with those words :D For now she will continue working with us, but we never know...

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Vacations: Day 3 - Pool day

I woke up around 11 am, before than Michael. I let him sleep a couple of more hours because last night we fell asleep so late. I got up, I made coffee then I sit down to do university homework. It was some study case of civil legislation and took me a while to read the laws, analyze it and write down the conclutions. 

When I finished it, Mike got up and we got ready to go to the pool. It was sunny and hot. We lay in the sunbathing chairs to read until our skin was too hot, then we went to the water. This time, there were some people around, and a lot of little cute lizards. We spend some hours in the pool then in the hot tub. 

Back to the room, we had shower, we ate BWW leftovers and we went to bed to watch hour shows. It was a peaceful and relaxing day.


The Hot Zone

Holly shit, this book is horribly great, and it's nonfiction which makes it more scary but fascinating. The book is about the true story of the Ebola virus. All the events described are true. You can even check it on internet. The story is so dramatic and so well described that you can understand, imagine and also have the feeling of how this lethal virus works inside a host, and how it would feels if you break with Ebola.

This book got me hooked. The virus is so frightening and lethal, and there is not any vaccine or drug 100% effective for it yet, just 1 experimental vaccine. There are 5 different Ebola viruses, and noone knows where they hide. The fatality rate is from 25% to 90%. 

There are many deadly viruses and I have learned that we had one very dangerous here, called Junin virus which is a hemorrhagic fever. No cases have been reported since 2008 though. 

If you think about those viruses and how they work in the human body and how fast some of them could spray and kill a large number of people, you can think that the human race is threatened.... or you can think that the earth is threatened by a virus called "humans" and it's only trying to get ride of that lethal virus.

Vacations: day 2 - Orlando FL

I woke up before noon, I had coffee then I started to open all the stuff I orderer last weeks: coffee, stationery stuff, a tablet pen, make up, a ring led light (and I will write some reviews later).

After Mike got up, and I did my make up, we went to Barnes and Noble to buy some books to read on the pool and beach. I think we spent 2 hours there. Mike and I usually read the same books. This is one of the things we love to share, reading the same book then discussing what's going on or trying to guess how the story will end. So, being agree about what books we will read is not so easy, mostly because I always have hard time to make my choices in everything. Mike will pick few books, come to me and ask me to choose which one I want to read, then I will say "I don't know, you can choose" and continue looking around. He will push me to pick one, I'll keep telling him to do it, until I get mad at myself not for being able to decide and finally I'll pick a book. The problem for me to decide is that I am afraid to pick a book that maybe was not the one he wanted me to pick... now that I think about that, it's stupid. If he comes with 2 books for me to pick 1, it supossed that those are books he would like to read, right?
Anyways he chose the books "Subliminal: how your unconscious mind rules your behavior" and "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" then we both chose "American predator". From a table where they were selling books 2 x 1, I chose "The Alienist", "The bone keeper" and "The hot zone" so yeah we bought 12 books because we got 2 copies of each one. I also got myself another Leuchtturm1917 notebook for journaling. 

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The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Last weekend I finished to read this book. Michael bought it thinking it was some kind of book which will teach you how to be an ass to people and not care (very noble reason lol) but it's not about that. 

My thoughts after reading the first chapters was "a vulgar boy writing something obvious: it doesn't worth to care about every single thing" but there was more than that. While a lot of books will tell you that the secret to get a better life is to keep trying, to repeat yourself positive words every morning and build a huge self-confidence, that if you try hard you will get whatever you want, this book is the opposite of that. It will hurt your ego and give you a dose of realism and tell you the things that you don't like to hear. Many of those things we already knew, but this man will make you look deeper.

This is a book to read with open mind trying to see what the writer wanted to show you, otherwise you will think that this is a book for loosers to justify themlseves. I found it very useful and for sure I'll read it again in the future. 

The subtle art of not giving a fuck + The power of now, very good combo to improve your life.

My Bullet Journal

I want to continue writing about vacations but as usual, I got very busy with university and work. This entry is just for statistics.
This morning one of the big Instagram accounts of the bullet journal community has shared one of the pages of my journal, and bloom! my account got many new followers and a lot of likes. My post in their account got almost 1000 likes in just 1 day, and is not even my best art work. The same post in my account has only 70 likes because of course, I don't have 133k followers has they do, but who cares? I'm so grateful for the diffusion.
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Florida 2019 - vacations

Miami airport
Miami airport

The reason why I came back to LJ few weeks ago then I disappeared again is because I was on vacations. I went to Florida with Michael.  This time I changed from LAN to American Airlines, I don't regreat at all. It was a flight with stop in Miami, and bigger plane, so double yeah! The good about stopping at Miami is that I did enter to U.S. in that airport. It was early at morning, and there were not much people going through Customs. Add another Yeah! The bad thing is that I lost the connecting flight, because after going through Customs I had to pick my luggage then go to the airline desk and drop the luggage again. I had to wait 3 hours for the next flight to Orlando. That didn't bother me because if I didn't lose that flight I was going to arrive at 11 am then wait for Michael to get the airport 3-4 hours later. Now I was not sure who was going to arrive first. He said he was still driving, ETA at 3 pm. I got Orlando around 2:30pm. Good thing, I didn't have to go through Customs again becuse it was now a domestic flight. That gave me time to go to the restroom, wash my face, my teeth, change my clothes and do my makeup. After that I went outside the terminal to wait for Michael, so he could pick me there. 

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August - books I've read

Inferno — Dan Brown: I liked this books far more than the previous one I've read, Origin. Inferno got me stucked reading for hours. At the beginning I thought the plot was very obvious and I was afraid to get disappointed again with this writer , but that didn't happens. Always i was almost sure of what was going on, the plot changed and turned out in a way I could not predict. I enjoyed all the references about Italian art and history.  Now I want to read Divine Comedy by Dante Alihuieri... of course.

American Predator — Maureen Callahan: this is a true crime story about an American serial killer.  Despite the chilling murders committed by this man I found it engrossing. I'm always so curious about how the mind of this kind of people works. After reading all the U.S. states this man has been killing people I asked to Mike if he realised he could have been his victim! 

Capital Humano
Habilidades gerenciales — iEco:  just some books about managment that I'm reading.

I'm about to finish "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" then I think I'll start with "The hot zone". I'm also reading "The power of now".